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Merryhills Primary School


Subject Vision: Start With Why

When designing our school vision and curriculum intent, we were inspired by the work of Simon Sinek in his book ‘Start With Why’.  This led us to our ‘why’ being: Inspire, Future and Values.  The vision must be the starting point for all that we do here at Merryhills and subject leaders have then articulated their own subject vision to feed into this.  You will see that each subject vision communicates how we deliver our ‘why’ (Inspire, Future, Values). 

Teachers make significant use of Tom Sherrington’s ‘Rosenshines: Principles in Action’ when planning and delivering lessons.  Our subject visions will be used communicate how we consider:

  • Sequence consequence and modelling
  • Questioning
  • Review Material 
  • Stages of Practice 

Please click on each subject on the side bar to see the curriculum vision and to learn more about the subject.