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Merryhills Primary School

Philosophy For Children 

 Wonder is the beginning of wisdom. 


At Merryhills, the P4C curriculum is both thought provoking and engaging for all. It promotes a forum for open dialogue and enables children to discuss and develop ideas and opinions in a safe and encouraging environment. Using debating as a central premise of the subject, pupils are given the chance to ask and respond to ‘Big Questions’ relating to ideas including belonging, responsibility and equality. Through this subject, the children continue to develop their oracy skills as well as enhancing their abilities to empathise with the perspectives of others and demonstrate values of respect and curiosity.

Key aims :

  • Develop children’s sense of curiosity of the world around them, through encouraging questioning and enquiry.
  • Provide stimulating opportunities for exchanging ideas and opinions in a safe and respectful environment, ensuring all children feel heard and valued.
  • Provide opportunities for reasoned debate. 

Key principles :  

  • Caring - understanding others and being respectful of different opinions.
  • Critical - Understanding what we think and why.
  • Collaborative - Finding solutions together.
  • Creative - Making connections and thinking of new ideas.

Please click on the links below to read the P4C Vision and the Knowledge and Progression Map:

P4C Vision

P4C Knowledge and Progression