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Merryhills Primary School


At Merryhills, we believe that mathematics is an essential part of everyday life and therefore aim to provide the best possible mathematical education; ensuring all pupils leave the school acquiring the necessary skills as well as a recognition of the value of mathematics and most importantly the self- confidence to apply their knowledge to creatively solve any problems or tasks.

Learning is centred on pupils gaining an understanding of the mathematics being taught with an emphasis placed on the meaning of the language used and pupils’ ability to discuss and analyse their processes. Pupils at Merryhills are encouraged to be literate mathematicians!

Building upon pupils’ experiences in the early years, pupils are encouraged to gain a conceptual understanding through the use of practical equipment and continuous exposure to meaningful experiences/ real life problem solving.  The use of concrete instruments is fundamental in supporting pupils to bridge their experiences from the abstract to the tangible.

To support pupils’ learning process, pupils are taught a range of written methods to effectively use for all mathematical operations. Pupils are taught these methods once they have developed sound mental strategies for which the methods can build upon.

The curriculum covers the key areas of number, geometry, measure, data and an emphasis on using and applying throughout all strands:


  • Understanding of number and place value

  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Multiplication and Division

  • Fractions

  • Decimals, percentages, are introduced in Key Stage 2

  • Ratio and proportion and algebra is introduced in Upper Key Stage 2

Geometry and Measures

  • Properties of Shape (2D, 3D, angles)

  • Position, Movement and motion  (directions, co-ordinates, symmetry, reflections)

  • Measure (Standard units, time, money, area and perimeter)


  • Collecting and sorting information

  • Reading, creating and interpreting graphs

  • Probability is introduced in Upper Key Stage 2

Websites that include a variety of mathematical games for all age ranges:

By the end of Year 4, pupils should be fluent in their mental recall of multiplication facts up to 12 x 12.

Below are some websites with a specific time table focus:



Please see below for our Mathematics Vision and Knowledge and Progression Map:

Mathematics Vision

Mathematics Knowledge and Progression