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Forest School

Forest School at Merryhills is a specialised approach to learning which focuses on teaching children skills which can only be taught outdoors and in an immersive and natural environment.

The teaching within each session is child led and focuses on providing skill based experiences including the safe use of tools and fires, den building and knot tying. This experiential approach to learning, equips children with practical skills which can be transferred to other areas of life and learning. It also helps them to develop an appreciation of the natural world around them.

The Benefits of Forest School

Research has shown that there are many emotional benefits to learning outside. Children who are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a natural environment, away from the pressures of modern life, have higher levels of self-esteem, confidence and resilience. This approach to learning goes hand-in-hand with the Merryhills approach to values-based learning, encouraging children to engage in practical activities and learn with an approach which suits their needs.

There are also many physical benefits to Forest School. Children are given opportunities to be physically active outside and develop healthier bodies and minds, improving their emotional and mental well-being. Children are taught to manage risk safely and through a range of activities and experiences. 


How Forest School is taught at Merryhills

Forest School sessions are led by Mrs Nicolaou who is a Level 3 Forest School Leader. The sessions have a high ratio of adults to children, maximising opportunities for scaffolding language skills, concentration and social skills. Throughout the year, classes work in small groups within the Forest School site engaging in hands-on learning experiences.

See our Forest School progression map below to see how Forest School is incorporated throughout the Year Groups. 

Forest School Progression Map

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Forest School Policy and Handbook