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Merryhills Primary School

Education Visits and Trips

At Merryhills, we believe that earning in the real world outside the classroom, including through outdoor learning, educational visits, residential experiences and adventure activities, is an effective way of meeting the demands of the National Curriculum, and of preparing young people for life beyond school. Outdoor and adventurous activities, which provide first-hand real challenges, and residential experiences, are a powerful process for supporting personal and social development, character development and resilience, spiritual, moral and cultural development and physical and mental well-being.

Residential Experiences

Children begin their residential experiences in Year 3, with one night in the school field. This then progresses to a two night stay away in Year 4, followed by a four night stay in Year 6. Residential experiences build children’s independence and provide opportunities for learning within different contexts and settings. The residential experiences further meet the requirements of the Outdoor Education Advisers Panel (OEAP) outlined in the National PE Curriculum, ensuring children take part in outdoor and adventurous activities that challenges them both individually and within a team.

Educational Trips

The children go on various trips throughout their time at Merrryhills. Taking adavtnage of London being on our doorstep, many our trips our located in the capital itself. The trips enhance our curriculum topics: visiting Whitewebbs Transport Museum to gain an understanding of toys from the past; travelling back in time at Celtic Harmony to envisage life in the Stone Age; using the children's spoken Spanish to order a meal at La Paella as well as drawing and painting at various enriching art galleries. Creating educated citizens, our trips also aim to expose all children to rich experiences that provide them with an appreciation for the wonderful creativity in our society. Inspiring cultural trips include seeing the London Symphony Orchestra at the The Barbican; watching a puppet show at the Little Angel Theatre; experiencing the latest show at our local inclusive Chicken Shed Theatre and seeing the National Opera perform at the London Coliseum. Where possible we endeavour to use public transport so that children experience this mode of transport as well as keeping costs to the minimum. 


Educational Workshops in School